Poly Dolly

The common dolly has been rattling around industrial plants for 200 years virtually unchanged in design and function. It has been a good tool, but not efficient enough for handling today’s hazardous materials. Poly-Dolly, the multi-functional, two-wheel dispensing station and secondary containment, takes the dolly out of the Industrial Revolution and into the 21st Century.

 With Poly-Dolly, mobile dispensing of hazardous liquids is no longer a cumbersome, risky business. It transports 55-gallon drums with ease, tilts to become an efficient self-dispensing station, and acts as its own secondary containment unit. By reducing unnecessary and dangerous drum handling, Poly-Dolly protects workers and improves efficiency—two big items in improving profits.

Made of long-lasting, tough polyethylene, Poly-Dolly is strong enough to withstand daily bumps and scuffs and will not rust or corrode. That is why companies are saying: “Goodbye dolly. Hello Poly-Dolly.”

  Code Description Capacity

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5300 Poly Dolly 304 Litres
5310 Poly Dolly with Pneumatic Wheels 304 Litres
5312 Poly Dolly Cover -
6005 Universal Well Liner 1.9 Litres




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