Poly Rack System

Economical, space-saving solution to storing and dispensing from 45-gallon drums. The system consists of separate single Poly-Racker, single Poly-Stacker, Universal Well Liner and Poly Shelf. The Poly Stacker allows for stacking of second 45-gallon drum. The system holds 1600 lbs and the Poly-Racker features, up to, a 388 Litre sump capacity!

  Code Description Capacity

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6006 Single Poly Rack Base 250.8 Litres
6007 Single Poly Stacker -

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6000 Double Poly Rack Base 388 Litres

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6002 Double Poly Stacker -

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6003 Poly Shelf -

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6005 Universal Well Liner 1.9 Litres




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