Reusable Drain Protection

Our range of heavyweight polyurethane drain covers are the ideal solution for quickly sealing drains. Made from a tough, flexible non-absorbing urethane they provide resistance to tearing and high durability. There is no specific top or bottom so they can be used either way up, thereby providing operator ease of use. They are perfect for preventing contaminants from entering drains and are resistant to oil, water and most chemicals. They can be washed with a simple solution of soap and water and kept safe in an, optional, wall mounted holdall.

Our clamp action drain seals can provide either and emergency, or semi-permanent method of preventing fluids from entering drains. Perfect when works are being carried out nearby and there is a potential, at any time, for run-off to enter the drain. These are made to order and will fit most cast iron grids.

Our drain filters are made to order and fit most drainsand will catch plastic pellets, grit and oil as an example.

  Code Description Size Pack Qty

ADR1 Lightweight Drain Cover 100cm x 100cm x 2mm 1

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ADPS Heavyweight Polyurethane Drain Cover 46cm x 46cm x 1.5cm 1
ADPM Heavyweight Polyurethane Drain Cover 61cm x 61cm x 1.5cm 1
ADPL Heavyweight Polyurethane Drain Cover 91cm x 91cm x 1.5cm 1
ADPE Heavyweight Polyurethane Drain Cover 106cm x 106cm x 1.5cm 1

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ADCH Holdall (wall mountable) for ADR1/ADPS/ADPM/ADPL 20cm dia x 1M 1
ADS1 Clamp Action Drain Seal - for drains with cast iron grids MTO 1
ADF1 Custom Made Drain Filter MTO 1


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