Our sales team: orders@fentex.co.uk
T: 01487 823184                  E: orders@fentex.co.uk
Our sales team: orders@fentex.co.uk
T: 01487 823184                  E: orders@fentex.co.uk
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Made in Britain
Fentex Limited is the largest Spill Control manufacturer in UK with the largest range of spill control products designed, manufactured and packaged in the UK.
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The UKs Leading Spill Control Manufacturers
As the largest manufacturer of spill kits in the UK with over 200 type of emergency spill kit. Our absorbents can control leaks and spills of practically any liquid from a small mercury spill to a can of oil up to a 2000 litre chemical spill. We are constantly developing absorbents for new and existing problems.
Fentex was one of the first to package spill kits specifically for the AdBlue® diesel additive and manufacture the only 100% recycled absorbent EVO.
Fentex manufacture the only 85% recycled absorbent EVO, which began with one absorbent mat and now features absorbent pads, absorbent cushions, absorbent socks and granules with a range of spill trays and bunds in various sizes, spillpod® and absorbent stations for use in maintenance, and a full range of spill kits for emergency spill response.
Exclusivly available from Fentex are The Evo LW30 Recycled Wood Fibre, a fire retardant absorbent particulate for use on industrial spillages and general cleanup duties, and the enviro-friendly EVO DRI Absorbent Granules made from recycled gypsum.
Both high-grade products are manufactured in Britain and available for fast UK mainland delivery.
Absorbents come in many shapes and sizes and are a great alternative to granular material that can cause cross contamination.
Absorbent pads and absorbent rolls can be used as a work-mat to catch and absorb drips and leaks during component maintenance and cleaning, absorbent cushions
for use in drip trays to absorb leaked fluids easily and efficiently and to reduce further spillage during disposal of drip tray contents, absorbent socks can be placed at the base of leaking machinery to absorb leaks on contact and reduce the spread of contamination or use to surround a spillage to prevent further spreading and absorb on contact. We are constantly developing absorbents for new and existing problems.


We stock a wide range of Drip Pans, Drip Trays and Spill Trays to suit your spill containment needs, from a small oil drip tray to a large plant machinery flexi-tray to reduce ground contamination.
A high walled multi-purpose Spill Tray is ideal for container storage, drum decanting and filling tasks or to catch leaks and drips from vehicles, plant and machinery while a Spill Pallet or Workfloor is a great way to maximise spill containment in areas with greater need for spill control.
All our spill containment is made from durable recycled plastic or are 100% recyclable and our Spill Pallets, Bunded Workfloors and IBC Bunds are compliant with Oil Storage Regulations.
Spill control is important, preventing spills and leaks is the best way to reduce environmental pollution.
We offer a full range of drain protection including Spill Berms for surrounding drains or spill hazards, Drain Covers to help protect the envirnment and drain protection Spill Kits for fast response, hydrophobic absorbent Drain Booms and a variety of land booms along with Drain Blockers and Drain Filters.


Fentex being the largest spill control supplier and manufacturer in the UK has naturally found itself moving into sectors such as janitorial, medical and lab supplies. In 2020 due to the global pandemic these industries took the spotlight and Fentex being a manufacturer and supplier increased staff and production space to be able to provide the highest level of support.

To keep up with the demand Fentex has re-named part of its production structure ‘Fentex Wiper Solutions’, and moved the team and machinery to an 11,000 sq ft manufacturing facility on the site where Fentex previously grew into the company it is today before relocating to its 42,000 sq ft premises in Warboys.


We offer a full range of Spill Control accessories including;
Overpack Drums, Drum Racks and Drum Dollies for safe movement and storage.
Cleaners, neutralisers and PPE for industrial, utility and service sector applications.
Including all this, we offer all Spill Kit contents as single parts and everything else you need to meet your spill control requirements.


Gostelows Bespoke Vinyl Bags and Leather Goods was founded in the historical city of Hull in 1926 and has been a family run business since day one, with a strong family work ethic and close working relationship between all departments. Gostelows is one of the longest standing leather bag, vinyl bag and knife sheath design and manufacturers in the UK.

In February 2019 Fentex limited bought Gostelows and they are now a part of the Fentex Family of companies. This provides increased UK distribution and administrative support together with substantial investment in manufacturing and new product development.
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