Our sales team: orders@fentex.co.uk
T: 01487 823184                  E: orders@fentex.co.uk
Our sales team: orders@fentex.co.uk
T: 01487 823184                  E: orders@fentex.co.uk
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Tidy Sack is the number one solution for waste segregation in the industrial workplace, providing a tidy and cost-effective system that’s simple to implement. Tidy Sack products assist with compliance with the current EU & UK waste segregation legislation.

The efficient and cost effective way for businesses to segregate waste and save valuable floorspace in industrial, warehousing, office and retail environments.

Space saving & easy to use design allows for a tidy, safer and more productive workplace.
Manufactured from tough, heavy-duty PVC and designed for use in an industrial environment.
Tidy Sack can be attached to warehouse racking, trolleys, roll cages, shelving, mobile steps and more.
Tidy Sack Option Chart
All Tidy Sack units are 115cm tall & 95cm wide at opening. 160 Litre capacity.
Each Tidy Sack is complete in an heat-sealed pack with instillation instructions & 2 S-hooks.

Print: 'General Waste' Code: TSGW/BL
Print: 'Mixed Paper and Card' Code: TSMPC/BL
Print: 'Cardboard' Code: TSCB/BL
Print: 'Plastic Only' Code: TSPO/BL
Print: 'Plastic Strapping' Code: TSPS/BL
Print: 'Shrink Wrap' Code: TSSW/BL
Print: 'Mixed Recycling' Code: TSMR/BL
Print: 'Metal' Code: TSML/BL
Print: 'Aluminium' Code: TSAL/BL
Print: 'Wood & Timber' Code: TSWT/BL
Print: 'Building Material' Code: TSBM/BL
Print: 'Electrical' Code: TSEL/BL
Print: 'Glass' Code: TSGL/BL
No Print. Code: TSPL/BL
• Centralised collection of waste
• Heavy-duty construction
• Re-usable design
• Easy to fit and remove
• Full range of designs
• Custom prints including logos are available on request
• Colour options are also available upon request

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